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"Mr. Salisbury and his office did an excellent job on my case. I am an attorney myself so my standards are quite high. His knowledge of the law is excellent, his reputation is outstanding, and his court room advocacy was extremely effective."

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Family legal problems can impact all aspects of your life — your financial security, children and personal rights may be at risk. When facing divorce or another family law issue, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who closely reviews the facts of your case and works to protect your immediate and long-term interests. At the Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury, APC, our lawyers offer experience, proven strategies and unwavering dedication to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

Pasadena divorce lawyers focused on your rights

As your attorneys, we communicate clearly with you to identify specific goals and take every necessary step to achieve a positive resolution in your case. We are able to help you succeed by taking a practical approach. We always first attempt to settle your case once we have collected enough information to be able to do so. We do this by framing settlement proposals that are reasonable and in the best interests of our client, and starting settlement negotiations. Although we remain sensitive to your present pain, we encourage you to focus on your goals for the future. After ensuring that you fully understand your situation, we assist you in establishing reasonable objectives and manageable plans that will last.

Lead Pasadena family law attorney Lee W. Salisbury is an articulate and persuasive advocate, capable of delivering the best possible results in negotiation or at trial. Our firm is also distinguished by the following:

  • A superior success rate. Our Pasadena, California divorce lawyers are recognized for our outstanding record of results on behalf of our family law clients.
  • A trusted name in Pasadena family law. Primary attorney Lee W. Salisbury is established and respected throughout the Pasadena legal community. He is a recognized professional and has forged great relationships with local attorneys and judges as well as former clients.
  • Cost-effective advocacy. Though we will take every necessary step to protect our clients, we work as cost effectively as possible to minimize time and expense. We recognize that family law litigation can be expensive and that reasonable settlements are almost always less costly and can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of each family and client. Therefore, we always seek agreed-upon resolutions first before proceeding to litigated solutions. However, we are fully prepared and skilled in preparing and litigating your case if that becomes necessary.
  • Outstanding record of client service. From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, you can expect the highest level of client service. We remain in contact with clients on a regular basis and will always remain available to discuss strategy, expectations and the developments in your case.

Certified family law attorneys and leading divorce litigation firm

The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury has been a leading southern California family law litigation firm for more than 30 years. We have the knowledge and experience to avoid common pitfalls, saving you time and expense. We focus on settlement first and litigation when necessary. If litigation is necessary we provide prompt, aggressive representation that is always properly prepared. We make sure you are properly advised at all times so you can participate in the process and make the ultimate decisions that affect your life and your family. We discuss case tactics and strategy with you so you are well informed and can make intelligent decisions. A Pasadena family law attorney with our firm will be sensitive to the issues that you face and will work constructively with opposing parties on even the most emotionally charged and divisive issues. We are available to assist you on all matters related to marriage dissolution or paternity, including:

  • Divorce
    • Child support
    • Property division
    • Spousal support
  • Family law
    • Premarital agreements
    • Paternity
    • Child custody and visitation
    • Mediation and mediation consulting

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For a free phone consultation with an experienced attorney, please call 626.449.4812 or contact us online. We are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Law Offices of Lee W. Salisbury, APC is located two blocks south of Lake Ave. and Colorado Blvd., and is easily accessible from the 110 (Pasadena) Freeway and 210 Freeway. We will validate your parking in our building. We also have attorneys who speak Mandarin and Japanese.

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